The Ruth Eleanor Bamberger and John Ernest Bamberger Memorial Foundation was founded by Ernest and Eleanor Bamberger in 1947. Ernest and Eleanor were civic leaders and humanitarians who contributed to the community both financially and by volunteering their time. The Foundation was established in loving memory of their only children, Ruth Eleanor and John Ernest, who both died early in life.

The Foundation is dedicated to fulfilling the Founders’ desires to help people reach their individual potential. We assist people of all ages, but especially children and young people through educational opportunities and scholarships, supporting crisis care and protective services. Giving is limited to Utah organizations. Grants and scholarships are given only to organizations, not to individuals personally.

Email Address:
Phone: 801-364-2045 (Closed Fridays)
Address: 170 South Main St, Suite 775
Salt Lake City, UT 84101

The application deadline for 2020 is September 9th.  This deadline is final.
The Foundation is not accepting any requests from organizations we have not previously funded at this time.


Application Requirements:

  Send six (6) copies of each of the following:  A cover letter to Ellie Roser, Chair, Ruth Eleanor Bamberger and John Ernest Bamberger Memorial Foundation, describing your program and a list of your board of directors, any printed material that describes your budget, cost of  your program, other sources of funding, 501(c)(3) determination letter and your latest audit report (6 copies). If you do not have audited financial statements, please submit a copy of your most recent annual financial statements, if reviewed or prepared by an outside source, or if these are not available, a copy of your latest Form 990.